Never Seemed to Realize

  • may 29, 2017
  • In Poem


  1. David

    it seems like the more i live, the more i realize that saying 'yes' is almost never a mistake. if u say no,it might feel safe ,but then u end up going nowhere

  2. John

    Always show more kindness than seems nesccessary ,because the person receiving it needs it more than u will ever know.

    • Danial

      When u get into a tight place and everything goes against u,till it seems as though u could not hang on a minute longer,never give up then,for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn

      • Smith

        When it seems like nobudy cares, God Cares,when it seems like nobudy is there for u,God is ready to listen

  3. Bob

    U know someone is special to u when days just dont seem right without them.

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